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  • Why would someone want to hack my site. It is only a simple website
  • How to prevent 'Hacks'
  • How to Identify hacks
  • My hosting provider does my backups for me. Why do I need to backup my web site?
  • What is a DDOS Attack? What can I do to prevent a DDOS attack against my server.




I have been doing web pages since 1986.  I first started out using only a simple text editor such as NotePad on a Windows IBM PC machine.  Computer experience with IBM or IBM compatible pc's, Macs, Linux, DG/Unix, Apple IIe and a Pet.  I started using computers in the early 1970's.

If I am not 'at work' on a computer then I am working on my computer at home.  Or working outdoors on our mini hobby farm, or working on one of my many gardens.  Of course there are a horde of many other activities such as those related to Family, Church or community.

I love to write code. I work mainly with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Perl, CGI and Python. Though I have written in PHP and have built a WordPress Plugin for SEO purposes.

At work I help people fix their websites, recommend ways to improve website SEO rankings. Fix hacked or broken websites to some degree.  I don't clean the site completely as this is not part of my job description.  However I do find the hack(s) and identify php weakness. Once a site has been cleaned.  Security measures can be put into place to help prevent future hacks. Even with the best security in place it is still possible to get hacked but you greatly reduce the risk of a hack by keeping your PHP scripts up to date.

Best prevention against getting 'Hacked'.  UPDATE and BACKUP. If your php website is out of date you are then at risk of getting hacked.  If you don't backup your website then your run the risk of not being able to restore a working website.